Freeze Your Fanny 2017

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Freeze Your Fanny 2017 Reuslts

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the big race! It was a beautiful sunny day - perfect weather for a race. We would like to thank everyone who came out to "freeze" with us, Les Schwab and the Madras Aquatic Center for their generous sponsorship, all of our amazing volunteers and board members who helped put on the race, and the Madras community for their continued support for Freeze Your Fanny and MountainStar Madras.

Congratulations to our first place finishers for each race
8 Mile Prison Break:

  • Male - Drew Roberts¬†
  • Female - Audrey Ross

5k Race:

  • Male - Treyson Conley
  • Female - Heidi Hagman


  • Male - Jorden Gemelas
  • Female - Jennifer Beamer
  • Team -¬†Rebecca & Rylee Sakraida

Click on the race below to view the full results

Thanks to Les Schwab and the Madras Aquatic Center for sponsoring Freeze Your Fanny! Your commitment to the community is truly amazing.

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