MountainStar's 20th Anniversary

This year, MountainStar is celebrating 20 years of service to babies and toddlers in our community! We are so grateful and offer our sincere thanks to all of our supporters for 20 years of love, kindness, and care!

Launching services in 2001, MountainStar now has programs in Bend, Redmond, Madras, Prineville, and La Pine. MountainStar would like to expresses our gratitude to the many staff, board members, volunteers, donors, and community partners that have provided critical support to serve the vulnerable babies and toddlers across our community.  

In honor of our 20 years of dedication, we are asking you to ensure our services remain free and grow with the needs of our community. Make a gift today!

“I sincerely appreciate the generosity of our community and the commitment to child abuse prevention. Supporting vulnerable families and working with the dedicated early learning professionals across our community has been my personal honor as executive director of MountainStar for the last nineteen years. I am excited to celebrate what we have accomplished together, but am even more excited about where we go from here, because as we all know, when it comes to early childhood – every day counts, and everyone matters,” 
- Tim Rusk, Executive Director.

Why I volunteer & advocate for child abuse Prevention

There are many reasons why I became involved with Mountain Star to advocate for child abuse prevention.  I think much of child abuse may stem from poverty with the pressures parents face in today’s world to provide for their families without being able to earn a living wage.  Although I grew up “poor” so to speak, it was different in the 1950s-60s in many profound ways.  A family could make it on one parent’s wages, life was not so commercial and drugs were not widespread.  I don’t think I even knew that I was poor as a child.  I contrast that with today’s world, where even grade school children think they need a cell phone and parents are working two jobs just to get by.  These pressures cause parental frustration and anger that can lead to chemical dependency and child abuse. 

I remember when my youngest daughter went to kindergarten in 2001. Most of the children in her class had never held a crayon nor been read to.  One little boy came to school with cigarette burns on his hand. This picture is very different from my days in kindergarten in 1958.  And so when I was asked to join Mountain Star to help prevent child abuse through community advocacy and fundraising, I looked back to my childhood and realized how lucky I had been to have the parents I had.  I knew I needed to join the fight and do what I could to help vulnerable children grow up in a safe and healthy environment.  I appreciate that our mission focuses on the complete family and wants to educate parents as much as help children develop socially and intellectually in early childhood.

 - MountainStar Volunteer

  • Thank you for your dedicated program that you have been providing for the past 20 years to support and strengthen Central Oregon families!
    - Kathleen & Larry Huhn

  • We are grateful for the work you do for children and families, strengthening the community now and in the future.
    - David and Lorraine Stuart

  • Very much appreciate the hard work this organization puts into our community's children.
    - Jim Manion