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Broken Top Community Association Food Drive Brings in over 2000 pounds of food for MountainStar!

Each year the Broken Top Community donates hundreds of thousands of pounds of food to MountainStar families for the holiday season. This amazing food drive provides Central Oregon families with turkey, ham, and all the fixings you would need to create a holiday meal for the family.

This year was the 9th annual Broken Top Community Association and they came through in a HUGE way! The BTCA donated a total of 2,143 pounds of food for local families!! This included over 240 pounds of turkey for a Thanksgiving Feast!

The food was distributed and our families were blown away by the generosity and outpouring of support.

MountainStar and the families we serve would like to thank the Broken Top Community Association for their hard work, dedication, and kindness over the holiday season. We would like to extend a special thank you to Tina Burnside for working tirelessly to coordinate this successful food drive. Thank you to all those who donated and volunteered their time for this unbelievable event.

We will see you next October for the 10th anniversary of the Broken Top Community Food Drive!

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