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Birdies 4 Babies 2019 raised $298,000!

We want to extend a special thanks to Co-Chairs Robin Bailey and Mary Jensen, as well as the planning committee: Carole Frazier, Cindy Chrystal, Margi Lillegard, and Kathy Murch. As usual, Auctioneer Tim Leahy was instrumental in the success of Birdies 4 Babies. His professionalism, expertise, and friendly demeanor were invaluable throughout the event. A special thanks to our emcee Jeanne Berry who did a fabulous job entertaining the crowd during the program.

We would also like to send a special thank you to our unforgettable guest speaker and MountainStar mom, Jenifer. Jenifer bravely shared her story about the hardship she has faced and how MountainStar has changed her families life. She touched everyone in the audience. We are so grateful to have her in the MountainStar family and appreciate her courage and love for her family.

Thank you to our 2019 Team Captains: Robin Bailer, Cindy Chrystal, Roberta Coats-Bowles, Stan & Gail Fridstein, Rob Carrick, Carole Frazier, Kitri Ford, Pam Gillet, Mary Jensen, Margi Lillegard, Tim McQueen, Laurie Kutter, Nancy Swanton, Kathy Murch, Heidi Peyton, Linda Russel, Tim Rusk, Katherine Tank, Susie Webber, Kary Cotter, Sophia Krage, Caleb Anderson, Thom Delzell, Sally Murphy, Emi Baxter, Scott & Robi Knox, Jessica Sayers, and Margaret Schaus & Jim Noonan.

Thank you to the Crosswater Community, particularly Kim Rogers, Andi Northcote, Diana Hall, Teresa Schneider, and Valerie Britton for all they have done and continue to do for the babies!

Birdies 4 Babies was a huge success! We raised $298,000 to support our families and babies at MountainStar! Thank you to all of our golfers and supporters who helped make our event successful.