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2017-2018 Milestones

Numbers Served
Total children served: 359 (Deschutes County 224, Jefferson County 65, Crook County 52)
Total clients served: 1,292 children and family members

Risk Factors
100% of children served meet the Oregon state definition of at-risk
98% of families served are living in poverty
Adverse Childhood Experiences Score (1-10) - Average Parent ACE Score: 6 | Average Child ACE Score: 3

99.9% of children receiving Therapeutic Early Childhood Program services remained free from confirmed cases of abuse and neglect
100% of families making a request received services and support from MountainStar
100% of children received vision, hearing, dental, and developmental screenings; immunization; and height/weight tracking
76% of the children routinely visited a pediatrician

The Relief Nursery Model Is A Solution
We know that child abuse and neglect happens right here in Central Oregon. That fact is sobering, but it is reassuring to know that our therapeutic services (made possible by community support, donations, and grants) are making a real difference. That's been proven by an outside evaluator. Take a look at this report by Portland State University researchers on the Oregon Relief Nursery website to learn about these inspiring outcomes and more:

  • The risk of abuse and neglect is decreased by 70% within the first six months of a family participating in a relief nursery program
  • 95% of families in a relief nursery program for at least one year do not have further contact with the Department of Human Services or Child Welfare


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