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Preventing Abuse & Neglect

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In 2018, there were 12,585 confirmed victims of abuse or neglect in Oregon. 

Nearly half of these children were under the age of six.

TWENTY-SIX children DIED from abuse in Oregon in 2018.  And 86% of these children were under the age of five (Oregon Department of Human Services, 2018 Child Welfare Data Book), demonstrating the vulnerability of this age group. Even more alarming, fourteen victims were younger than one year old. That's deplorable. That's more than the average number of young children who die from all forms of childhood cancer in Oregon each year (Oregon Partnership for Cancer Control, Childhood Cancer in Oregon).

We wish it wasn't so, but there is a need to prevent child abuse in our communities. MountainStar is doing just that.
We don't have any needs — we have a solution. One we want to bring to as many families as possible. You can help — there are many ways to join our cause, just check out the "Take Action" section of our website.

Traumatic experiences not only detrimentally affect a child's development, but they also affect people for their whole lives in a host of ways. The video below is very informative on this topic. The speaker, a leading pediatrician, explains that child abuse is preventable. She says, "This is treatable. This is beatable!" We wholeheartedly agree. Watch it to learn more.

Resources on Preventing Abuse and Neglect

Brain Development  Videos

Other Organizations Working to Prevent Abuse & Neglect

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