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Preventing Abuse & Neglect

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Children who are abused battle the negative impact of their trauma for the rest of their lives. Abuse hinders a child’s development and takes away the hopeful start of life everyone deserves. Child abuse is a tragedy of humanity, and we fight to end it every day. To prevent child abuse, we first need to understand its detrimental impact and what it looks like.

The statistics of child abuse are jarring:

  • 12,585 Oregon children were identified as abuse victims in 2018.
  • Nearly half of them were under the age of six.
  • 26 children died from abuse in Oregon in 2018.
  • 86% of the children who were killed were under age five.
  • Over half of the victims were under one year old.
  • More Oregon children died from abuse than all forms of cancer combined in 2018.

Oregon Department of Human Services, 2018 Child Welfare Data Book)

Child abuse appears in more than one form, and recognizing child abuse is the first step to ending it. Some types of child abuse are:

  • Physical abuse: The intentional use of physical force or the deprivation of physical needs.
  • Emotional/Psychological abuse: The harming of a child’s self-worth through verbal or physical abuse.
  • Sexual abuse: Any action that forces a child into sexual activities.
  • Neglect: A child’s basic needs are not met by their caretaker.

The realities of child abuse are absolutely heartbreaking—but there is hope. MountainStar is solely focused on child abuse prevention through our relief nursery and family support programs. We are here to help as many families in need as possible.

As leading pediatrician Nadine Burke Harris shares in the video below, child abuse is treatable and beatable. Hope is endless, especially through the support and guidance provided by MountainStar and our volunteers and donors.

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