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Once upon a time, a woman went to a MountainStar luncheon and was deeply moved by our mission to help families in crisis. She thought, "Wouldn't it be nice if each child had a Fairy Godmother who could help once in a while?" That was way back in 2007, and the beginning of MountainStar's Fairy God-Parent Program!

Anyone who wants to give in a personal way can be a Fairy God-Parent! They help families by fulfilling unmet needs like warm winter clothing, as well as by providing children with treats like books, toys, and holiday presents.

Our goal is for every child in our therapeutic classes to have a Fairy God-Parent.

There are children without a match right now in Madras, Prineville, and Bend. You can submit your request to participate below or download the application and return to volunteer@mtstar.org:



FAQ About Being A Fairy God-Parent!

Can I meet my Fairy God-Child?    Yes! You can set up a time to visit them during a therapeutic class.

How much should I give?    There is no minimum or maximum. You tell us how much you'd like to give, and you can always change.

How do I know when and what to give?    You will be in communication with the MountainStar staff member serving that child and his/her family. They will let you know when a need arises, and will ask if it is something you can take care of. You can donate the money for the item, or you can do the shopping yourself! You can also choose to donate regularly needed items like diapers, holiday presents, and "just-because" treats as often as you'd like.

Is my privacy protected?    The parents of your Fairy God-Child will be informed that their child has a Fairy God-Parent, but they will not learn who you are or meet you. Also, we ask that you protect the privacy of the families we serve by not sharing their names or any confidential information about them with anyone.

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