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Thank you so much for considering donating or purchasing some of these items!

Smaller items can be dropped off at any of our Relief Nursery locations Monday through Friday between 8:30 am and 3 pm. Because of the ongoing crisis, staff may not be onsite to collect the donation. Please call in advance to ensure staff is available to collect your item.  

Due to the pandemic, the families we serve are in need of essential items

Immediate Needs
Diapers (size 3-6)
Baby wipes
Disinfecting wipes
Sanitizing products - Hand sanitizer, soap, toiletries, etc
Food - Non-perishable is preferred

Games, toys, and books
Age-appropriate (0-4) items while children are at home

Multi-cultural baby dolls
Multi-cultural books
Musical instruments
Dress up clothes 
Quality wood sensory table (not plastic please)

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